Hey, there - So Glad You're Here!

Hey, There — So Glad You’re Here!

I’m Julie Christianson, and I write sweet, closed-door romcoms. All my books have tons of chemistry and swoon, but nothing beyond sizzling kisses. (In other words, you can share them with your grandma, your coworkers, the dentist, your kid’s teachers—anyone who loves hilarious and heartfelt romance.)

So have a look around, get comfortable (are you wearing sweats? I’m probably in sweats) and be sure to grab your free love story.

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A Sweet Small-Town Romcom!

Julie Christianson

That Time I Kissed My Beachfront Boss

Book 3 of the Abieville Love Stories

My dream job just got snapped up by the one man who rejected me…

That’s right. I’m an unemployed twenty-something stuck sleeping on my grandmother’s old futon while Hudson Blaine, the guy who shot me down, gets to manage The Beachfront Inn

Talk about life being unfair.

I’m about to flee town with what’s left of my pride, when Mr. Rejection begs me to stay. Apparently, he needs my help resuscitating the inn’s reputation before the grand reopening.

But I’m not sure I can bear Hudson being my new boss, or survive sharing an office with him and his wife-me-up eyes.

So I tell myself it’s just for one month. One month to prove myself and what I’m capable of …

Or go down on the shores of The Beachfront Inn in a blaze of humiliation.

Julie Christianson - Author of Charming Romantic Comedies

Faking the Fall: A Fake Dating Celebrity RomCom

From the Sweater Weather Series!

When the movie star’s spotlight could hurt the ones he loves most …

My agent has this idea—an insanely bad idea—to reboot my Hollywood heartthrob status by having my long-lost love dump me … while I’m proposing to her on national TV.

The theory? Women everywhere will swoon over poor Lincoln James, scrambling to repair his vulnerable, shattered heart.

Trouble is, I don’t have any kind of love—long, lost, or otherwise.

To play my fake girlfriend, my agent enlists Hadley Morgan, my secret college crush. The one who dragged me to an audition that launched my career but left her in the dust.

Upping the ante, she offers Hadley a slot on the show she missed out on years ago. When the alternative publicity ploy is for reporters to dig up dirt on my family, I’ve got no choice but to go along with the ruse.

That’s why I’m in Harvest Hollow now—as one half of the dream couple HadLink—at least until Hadley explodes our relationship during a very public proposal.

Our breakup’s built into this deal. Too bad I’ve got real love for this woman.

But if I come clean, I risk Hadley’s big break, my family’s painful past, and my own rebooted heart …


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